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Are you one of those parents who are tired of hearing their child’s plea for getting them a hoverboard? Or are you one of them who is not buying a hoverboard for their child because you’re not sure how it should be?

Well! You do not need to worry anymore. This article is for you where we have given all important tips that you need to look and make sure before buying your child a hoverboard. You may have fears of unsafe and unverified hoverboards but there won’t be any more fears when you check the below mentioned things before buying:

1. Check out the brand

Brands have gained large customer support because of the good quality products produced by them. They produce these self-balancing scooters that are safe enough to use. You need to make sure to buy a hoverboard from the best manufacturers because you should always look for best for your child. Nothing should be compromised when buying something for a child.

So, you should buy products from a well-known brand with good ratings and reviews rather than looking for cheap and unsafe products.

2. Ask for safety certification

Before buying your child a hoverboard, you should ask for UL certification from the seller. There are many hoverboards that are not certified and hence have fire breakouts and other accidents. There have been cases before, where the hoverboards caught fire and those companies were later banned in the market. Hence, you should check before buying because precaution is better than cure.

3. Age Specifications

If your child is under 10 and is continuously asking you for a hoverboard, then it is better you make him understand that he needs to reach a specific age to ride it. Children are always interested in doing things that are not allowed at their age. There are hoverboards that specify limited ages. You need to look into it properly and buy a hoverboard that specifically designed for kids. Otherwise, he may get hurt or injured while riding a hoverboard because it may have features that he might not be able to handle it.

4. Other Safety Measures

Other than safety certification by the UL, you need to make sure that the hoverboard you are buying for your child is well enough to carry him around. You need to check its motors, sensors, wheels and foot pads to ensure their safety. You should also buy a safety kit that has a helmet, knee pads and shoulder pads for your child along with the hoverboard to avoid any injuries.

5. Maximum Speed

If you hand over a car to drive to a teenager, he will think that he knows it all, and he’ll drive at full speed that might turn out to be dangerous. Similarly, if you buy your child a hoverboard with a maximum speed of 12 to 14mph, he might enjoy it at the beginning, but later ends up falling and hurting himself. So, it is very important for you to buy a hoverboard with a minimum speed for younger one so that they can have a safe, smooth and comfortable ride.

6. Training mode

There are many hoverboards that work with two different modes. One is the training mode that is safer in the learning stage and the other is the normal mode, we ride on it when we’re fully trained to ride. Riding a hoverboard at training mode is very safe as it reduces chances of falling and having injuries. So it will be better if you search for such a hoverboard for your child that has both these modes working actively.

7. Do look at the manual

To make sure, that the hoverboard you’ve chosen for your child is perfect, you need to look into the manual before purchasing it. It is usually to the safe side to do it beforehand. If you find anything wrong, you can avoid purchasing it.

8. Look for a warranty

As for buying a hoverboard for children, it is important for you to check its warranty. Children use their belongings very roughly so it is better to invest your money in a product that has a return policy or good customer care support.

9. Check review and ratings

Ratings and reviews are very important if you are buying a hoverboard online. By reading out the reviews, you can easily guess what is wrong or what is best in that particular hoverboard. So, in today’s technological world, it is very important for you to first research the best hoverboard for kids and then orders it.

10. Do not by it without complete satisfaction

Every retailer will give his best description of the product that he is selling but you need to be satisfied enough before buying it. Show it to your child and ask his consent as well before buying it or else there may be chances that he might not like its looks after buying.

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