Sell My Mobile – Do’s And Dont’s To Keep In Mind Always


Gone are those days when all the members of a family relied on a single telephone. Technology today has made it possible for every person on this planet to have a mobile phone that comes with a lot more features along with calling.

With the increasing pace of technology, also comes an urge to keep up with this pace. People of this generation cannot be stuck up with the same mobile handset for quite long. But buying a new phone every time we want is a luxury not everyone can afford.

Thus selling your used phone is a good idea to extend your budget and get that phone that you have an eye on!


People have had numerous scary experiences while selling or buying phones. To avoid any such thing, here are some tips for you to be well-armed before selling your phone:

Do not Price up Too High:

Selling an already used phone indicates that the features are not updated enough as compared to the new models available.

Keeping the stakes high for a mobile which is soon going to be outdated will never help. The buyers will search for a cheaper rate of the same model and will not be interested enough.

Figure out the real cost of the phone, how old the phone is, condition of the phone, and then decide the price accordingly.

Do not Exaggerate the Features:

People feel ‘cheated’ if the original features of your product are quite disappointing as compared to its description. Dealers will discontinue to deal with you if it happens time and again. Buyers may also not pay the real cost if they are not satisfied enough.

To avoid any over-expectations, keep the dealers and buyers informed about the basic features. It will evade any trust issues later on and will save your reputation.

Be Quick and Don’t Wait:

In this continuously evolving world of technology, most of the smartphones start to get considered as outdated quite soon. Delaying the selling of your phone can reduce the chances of your mobile getting sold at a reasonable price.

Sell that tiny piece of technology as soon as you can if you have already made up your mind.

Encrypt your Data before Formatting:

Not all the data gets cleared once you format your mobile. A person can still retrieve some data from your phone even after the factory reset.

Encrypting data in your mobile will ensure that no third person using your phone can get access to it. It will maintain your privacy and will prevent any such data exposure to the outsiders.

Create Backups Before Selling:

Who wants to delete all the memories developed over time- your photographs and videos? It is ultimately the most important step to avoid losing any existing data.

Create your backup in Google drive or desktop to catch up with them in any device you desire as and when you want.

Avoid Negotiation for Very Low Price:

Beware of the people out there who try to intimidate you into selling your phone cheaper than its desired price! If you have not marked a very high price for your phone, you can sell it at the price you want.

NEVER negotiate for little pennies if the dealer tries to trick you into it.

The Authenticity of A Buyer:

Avoid any fraud to happen. Make sure that the buyer has his/her legitimate identity and will not flee away with your mobile without paying for it.

Restrict any unauthorized identity from getting any access to you or your data. It can be very dangerous.

Where Do I Sell My Phone ?

It is the most confusing part of selling a handset. What will be best-online or offline selling of your phone? Both of them come with their advantages. Here are some ways to sell it:


It is the most convenient mode of selling anything. It only requires authentic information and clear photographs of your phone, and they do their job in just one click! Also, the number of buyers looking for your phone is quite more. So it gets sold quite quickly.

Some of the ways are:

Mobile buyers and resellers: There are various online mobile reselling platforms like Mobile Buyers, Swappa, Gazelle, etc. They buy your mobile, start searching for buyers instantly, and reciprocate back to you as soon as possible.

Online reselling sites: Some websites like OLX, eBay, etc. resell almost every used item you want to. Selling your mobile here is quite reliable and trusted. Reselling price is also not very low.

Social Network: One can also look for buyers in the social networking sites because they provide you with a large number of users. Some of them might be interested in buying a second-hand mobile. Thus it is also a good alternative.


Many people are interested in offline shopping because they are capable of looking at the product in front of them. It establishes more trust in them.

Also, you get to talk to these people in person and can be sure about their identity. Some of the ways are:

Manufacturer Store or Showrooms: Reselling it to the dealers of that particular brand is also a good and quick deal. But they may not offer you with some good and reasonable rate.

Retailer Mobile Shops: You can also resell it to these retailers who will buy your phone irrespective of its brand if it is in a stable working condition.

Meeting in Person: It is the most reliable way to sell mobile phone. It has no third person required, and you negotiate with the buyer for the price you desire. You also get to trust the buyer by meeting them in person.


There are various things that you must focus on when you sell your phone. You can sell it both online and offline. There are many ways available out there, that can help you to sell it in exchange for some good money.

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