Basic Insight Into Mobile Phone Testing


Data wipe for mobile phone makes your phone fit for offering it second hand to others in the market who require it. Another factor that has contributed to the long lasting nature of mobile phones is the Mobile phone testing. In this article we will highlight the basic insight into mobile phone testing.

Mobile Device Testing

In order to test the mobile phone, you need diverse equipment as well as methods. You need to be thorough with all the equipment so that you can capture all the touch interactions and usability test interactions. A proper plan is required to test the device. There is a need for you to properly plan the timeframe as well as the budget that you can spare for the test. Also, you need to be clear about the physical setup as per the space availability and the way of capturing the events. In addition to this, it is good to know about your target audience and the devices. One thing that you must consider is connectivity in space.

Important Considerations for testing procedure

You can opt for an easy camera setup and have a fixed distance between the device and the camera. Also keep the functions of portrait and landscape screen capture available. Hold the camera so that all aspects get captured clearly. You must be confident about the completeness of the content and information that is required, both of yours and those associated with it.

Things to keep in mind while conducting test

The most important advice related to mobile phone testing is that a test should always be performed on a device that is familiar to you. This way you get rid of the issues that you can face due to lack of knowledge about the device and its operating system. You need to be conscious about the lighting in the room where you are to conduct a test. Overhead lighting can be a cause of the glare on the screen, which has the potential to further disrupt the recording. In this situation it is only the dimming of lights in your room or adjusting the position of the same that can be of any help. You must pilot test all the scenes as well as the connectivity that room offers. In addition to this, you must do the same with estimated phone types as well as carriers, as many as possible. You must have with you the dry cleaning cloth to clean the screen so as to enhance clarity. Do not place the testing device too near to the test computer as this might result in noisy feedbacks.

Wrapping up, this is the basic insight into mobile phone testing. Having known all of these, it becomes easy to undertake this testing procedure if need so arise. There are only few steps that are required to be taken so as to do the test and the result that you get are highly beneficial on a wide scale.

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