Processors in Smartphones


Modern world is dominated by smartphone’s doesn’t matter if it is a regular or high end device. The major key component of these mobiles phones is the processor, the brain of those cool and awesome devices. Nowadays mobile phones have high speed processors and they are build to make your mobile smooth and flawlessly smart. These chips are so advanced and powerful that you can perform multitasking with your mobile phone without any trouble. The number of tasks that a mobile user can perform depends on the cores of the processor. That is the reason why mobile brands keep on introducing and upgrading their processors with more and more cores.

Now let’s talk about the world’s most famous mobile processors or we can say processors that are widely used by the mobile brands. let’s have a quick look on these marvelous tiny but impressive innovation.

Qualcomm Snapdragon

Snapdragon by Qualcomm is one of the most popular processor among mobile users and mobile brands alike. You can find Snapdragon Processors on most mobile devices available in the market easily. The latest chipset Snapdragon 835 SoC is newest addition to Snapdragon family of processors. It is a high performance, 10-nanometer chip which is even smaller than its predecessor Snapdragon 821. Mobile brands like Samsung and Google have Snapdragon 835 in their flagship phones, Samsung S8 and Google Pixel 2 respectively.

Apple Mobile processors

Apple do not manufacture its microprocessors, they just make contracts with other companies like Samsung and TSMC. These Companies produce custom processors that can meet Apple’s requirements that can match to its design and performance of the microprocessor. A11 is the latest processor designed by Apple and is produced by TSMC. Apple use this high speed hexa-core processor in its latest flagship mobiles apple 8, apple 8s and apple X.

Nvidia Tegra

Nvidia is popular for making chipsets and graphic cards for high end gaming. Nvidia Tegra is basically build for high resolution gaming on mobile devices. It’s the best processor when it comes to gaming and graphic processing. It is reported that it has heating issues and poor battery performance and they are one of the most expensive processors.


This brand is known for making high performance microprocessors without charging premium price, it sounds great right. Helio P60 is the latest processor form MediaTek. This chipset is power efficient and has 12nm technology. As MediaTek processors are not that expensive we can see these in high end mobile phones as well as in mid range mobile phones, that’s makes the phone cheaper but with higher capabilities and performance.

Samsung Exynos

Exynos processors are developed, manufactured and designed by Samsung. Samsung use Exynos processors in its Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Note Series mobile phones. It’s latest addition Exynos 9 is an octa core processor and has 10 nm thin chipset which makes this processor consume less power than its predecessors.

Beside those processor-makers I would like to mention Intel and HiSilicon. These two companies are growing in mobile business and they are developing and manufacturing quality processors.

These processors are backbone of mobile industry. In recent times the mobile industry increased at a tremendous rate so does the competition among the mobile brands. The competition is so high that the mobile companies are introducing new and advanced features in their mobiles, which directly connected with the microprocessors. More tasks requires more cores so it’s important for your device to have enough cores if you want a smooth and effortless computing.

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